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Bernice tells Robert Clark that she and Todd entered their daughter Cinnamon into pageants in Boulder, where they come across the Ramseys, and that her partner behaved oddly towards the other girls. Investigation into Fuss led Clark to another possible suspect, Michael Helgoth, who has already been the focus of one investigation. A large torch that did not belong to the Ramseys was found in the kitchen of the house after the murder. Helgoth died in an apparent suicide in , days after a press conference when DA Alex Hunter claimed police were closing in on the suspects.

The programme asked for a DNA sample from Helgoth's family but they were unable to provide one. Tracy Neef — who bears a striking resemblance to JonBenet - was seven when she was abducted on the way to school in Aaron, who had a juvenile conviction for sexual assault, had been arrested and jailed for the murder of four-year-old Lacey Ruff, whose body was found floating in the sea in Hawaii in Todd gave evidence against his brother but witnesses claimed the person they saw carry the little girl into the sea was in his late 20s, which fitted the description of Todd rather than Aaron.

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As many have commented, it is frightening to see children, even infants, wearing layers of make-up and wearing "extensions" and wigs and dental applicances to hide the gaps when a baby tooth makes an untimely exit from that all-important smile. But what is truely chilling is realizing that the parents involved seem to have absolutely no self-awarenes, no sense at all that this is an activity they do for their own benefit and not their child's.

The children are used as show-horses. The difference between these pageants and the Westchester Dog Show lies only in the fact that the dogs's owners don't try to make the dogs wear make-up. I am sure that the kids involved do have fun with pageant life often. But, without a diatribe about the multitude of ways in which children can be twisted by having their parents' needs put first or by having their self-worth dependent upon their looks and "charm" and by age-inappropriate competition, I will simply say that the documentary makes it clear that a life on the pageant circuit should be accompanied by coupons for adult therapy.

As an aside, I have to say that as a gay man, I was uncomfortable with the gay couple who work as very successful coaches for some of these children, including the daughter of one of the men. In many ways they seemed devoted to proving up every stereotype of gay men.

Epstein died in his cell in mid-August.

On the other hand, I think they make a good case for gay parenting. I also respect the filmmaker greatly for the fact that the gay aspect was presented simply as a reality and was not played up.

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I do wonder, however, how many of the Mom's who drive hundreds of miles and get second mortgages on their homes to hire the couple turn around and vote for homophobic politicians. Anyway, the horror of all this aside, the documentary is terrific because it is invisible -- it simply allows the pageant world to speak for itself. There are no comments by the filmmakers who seem to limit their overt involvement to a series of intersticial titles every so often the work is episodic that just establish the setting or provide a fact.

They do a pretty amazing job of piecing together what feels like a neutral "just the facts, ma'am" film allowing the viewer to draw his or her own conclusion. Also, the film does not condescend to these people. In fact, I think that a fan of the pageants might walk away thinking that the film was a positive one, supportive of pageant life. That's a hard line to walk for any documentarian. I thought this was so interesting to watch. Even after seeing it once, I continue to tune in whenever it is on.

There's something captivating about it. I can't believe some of these poor girls. I figure maybe, some of the kids want to do it and it does look fun, but they have pageants that involve newborns. They obviously don't pick this life. Parents need to understand that they've lived their lives and it is their obligation to let their child do the same. Parents should do whatever they can to preserve individuality and the mothers that force their kids into this strip all of that away.

It's was sad the way Swan's mother just yelled orders at her all the time, but a few years after the documentary aired, she and Swan's father died. So as much as I was feeling.. Poor girl. Beauty dinke19 10 May In this film, there is documentary style depictions of people involved in beauty pageants. It presents views of the beauty pageant world as generally conforming to a stereotypical pattern of beauty. In many ways, the girls are shown as beautiful only by their conformance to social norms rather than based on character.

Child Actress Playing JonBenet Ramsey Looks Just Like The Young Pageant Queen

There are quite a few examples in this film that portray the necessity to achieve to sexual norms in order to be successful in beauty pageants. Also, the film depicts many girls' ways as needing to show off their femininity, as though the central element of female desire for beauty is to show off their beauty and to be recognized as beautiful.

Keep in mind that the nature of beauty is being shown here as a creation and a presentation rather than an inherent aspect of the girls in the pageant. The femininity of the girls is being presented for the viewing of society rather than a natural product. In general, the primary element that the documentary portrays is that society is dictating norms of behavior and appearance, not the individuals.

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The beauty pageant just reinforces female subservience to men, since the girls are presenting their beauty for a generally male oriented viewer, this creates the suggestion that women are meant to display themselves. Overall, this documentary shows the harsh reality that society places enormous pressure on exterior beauty rather than interior.

If you've never seen exploitation documentary, this is a great starting point.

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As another reviewer said, the subjects speak for themselves. The scariest thing about this disgusting true-life story is that the subjects would probably find it a supportive, wholesome story of family life with a precocious child. Any sane viewer will see it as it is: children trapped by the reality-warping gravitational field of their mothers' solipsistic quests for validation. Both are equally disturbing for entirely different reasons. The projection of their failed hopes and warped frustrations onto their trusting children is horrific to watch.

Outstanding documentary. A must-see. SAD jjispi 29 March One will want to change the channel, yet feels compelled to continue watching. The beginning shows a lower class woman who browbeats and psychologically tears down her yes adorable five years old child, Swan, as she prepares her for the child beauty pagent ring.

The other part of the film features the daughter of a gay man, who along with his partner, have made a fortune preparing these children for the pagent circut. The daughter, Leslie, is a little older, and the contrast between the two children is sad. While Leslie is supported by her father, Swan behaves like a beaten dog trying to win the approval of a cruel master. The gay men seem to enjoy the children, and the process, yet the mother of Swan is forced. She guilts the child by saying things a five yr.

Richard Crasta

Her other three children are in stark contrast to Swan- a troubled teenage boy who is in jail, a sixteen yr. The entire film is troubling, and leads one to wonder how the subjects themselves felt after watching it, and if it changed their attitudes any. Great Docu on a sad subject communic-1 10 June This was a great piece, I would rank it in the "must see" category.

Having said that, I was disturbed by the pressure put on the kids to perform, and act. I was also disturbed by the parents and their attitudes toward the whole thing. I was convinced when they mentioned the zero to eighteen-months category - of pageant participants. Imagine a one-year-old beauty pageant contestant? Another aspect of the story, was the fathers gay or not? They brought their daughters who usually won. When others saw how well they performed, they contacted these guys who for a small ;- fee, would coach future participants.

Anyway, a sadly entertaining piece. Gotta see it.

Robin, the mother of Swan, seemingly dedicates her life, and that of her young child's, to winning beauty pageants throughout the Southern United States. But as the film techniques show, the relationship between mother and daughter is that based on Robin's controlling needs. Not only does she virtually ignore her son as he is getting to trouble in school and with the law, but instead she concentrate her energies and concerns by projecting her ideals of a typical white American post adolescent girl onto her four year old by focusing on stereotypical body and personality traits, such as big eyes, as emphasized by black eyeliner, long hair, sometimes requiring extensions, and a flirtatious nature.

This is quite evident throughout the film as the little girl Swan is made to play dress up in pi nk dresses, and as talked about before the extreme eyeliner and hair extensions.

I loved JonBenet, says man arrested over child beauty queen's murder | World news | The Guardian

This relates to Foucault's micro-physics of power, which is power determined by segmenting the body into parts that must be presented in a certain way, determined by rigid themes, habits, etc. This film made me feel like I was watching a car pileup in real time, but - like with such a terrible accident - I couldn't STOP watching it, either. I highly recommend this movie because: 1 It shows parents how NOT to raise their kids.

So, be sure to look out for "the great anorexia epidemic of " among these kids.