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Loved and well cared for, he is fiercely devoted to his former master. Although he rarely sings for Gaius anymore, he has a beautiful baritone voice. Max is a fictional character. She spent much of her early life in the capital city serving as a domestic slave for the Fabii family. Castor adored and doted on his little precocious half-brother, Simon, and the two became very close siblings. Calli deeply mourns the loss of her precious Castor to this day. Housed with young Zoe in a private suite on the far side of the main house, Calli has little direct contact with the boy pets at the Campanian villa.

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Callidora is a fictional character. When he returned from his philosophy studies in Greece, Gaius moved Simon and Calli to his villa in Campania to join Theodorus. Seven-year-old Simon soon started lessons with a local tutor. Out of sight and often forgotten, he grew into a beautiful, lusty young man. Five months ago, Gaius carried him from his office to his bedchamber. Simon is a fearless and skilled horseman.

He dislikes loud thunderstorms and large crowds, but he loves the warm sting of a good, firm spanking. Simon is a fictional character. Quietus and Memmia were married for nearly thirty years.

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Memmia never remarried after the death of her husband; she lives alone with her cats and peacocks and other assorted birds and a large staff of freedmen and slaves, of course at her suburban estate on the Via Tiburtina outside of the city proper. She remains close to her long-time platonic friend and confidant, Cornelius Tacitus , and often invites him to her home to share meals and conversation.

When, on rare occasion, she is still forced to attend one of those tedious philosophical readings, she feigns sleep. Like her grandson, she prefers tales of the gods, the myths of men, war stories and histories. Above all, Memmia Cornelia is respected by her peers.

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She is a fictional character. In , following the victories over the Dacians, Titus was allowed to retire from military service. Together, they have two boys Tiberius and Titus Jr. Titus Petronius is a fictional character.

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I just love Dominus and the cover of Games of Rome is just perrrfect! I really need it! I LOVE your user name. I should have the paperback version of Games out by the end of this month February if not sooner. The book is with the translation company Juno Publishing , but I do not have a release date yet. I really love Dominus and Game of Rome, so I wanted to know when will the third book be out?

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Hi, Chloe!!! Book 3 will be out in December, So thrilled you enjoyed the first 2 books. Book 3 is going to be one amazing, emotional, OMG ride. Missed these guys! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Blurb for Blood Before Wine : Conquer. As a result of these, and of inscriptions proving that two senior officers, who were deputy commanders of the Ninth in c.

These now suggest later conflicts in other theatres as possible scenes of IX Hispana's demise:. Several scholars continue to argue that destruction in Britain is the most likely scenario for the Ninth's disappearance.

Russell argues that "by far the most plausible answer to the question 'what happened to the Ninth' is that they fought and died in Britain, disappearing in the late s or early s when the province was in disarray". It is highly unlikely that if the legion continued in existence up to the Armenian war of , no records at all later than c.

Lawrence Keppie says that "no inscriptions recording the building activities of the legion or the lives and careers of its members have come from the East", suggesting that if the legion did leave Britain, it ceased to exist very soon afterwards. He suggests that the legion may have been withdrawn from York around to take part in the war in Parthia at the end of Trajan's reign. Keppie suggests that it was the legion's absence elsewhere that encouraged a native uprising, obliging Hadrian to send the Legio VI Victrix to Britain.

Another story suggests that the four thousand men of the Legion passed through the area - which in present-day Scotland is now the town of Dunblane - and disappeared. The Caledonians claimed no victory and there is no record of any battle. There were no dispatches received from the Legion and relief columns that later ventured into the area found no traces.

Information obtained from captured local tribespeople indicated that no one anywhere had seen anything of the Ninth Legion after Dunblane. In conclusion, the fate of the Ninth remains the subject of vigorous debate among scholars. The Ninth Legion's mysterious disappearance has made it a popular subject for historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Several historical reenactment groups play the role of the Ninth Legion:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Polish regiment, see 9th Legions' Infantry Regiment.

See also: Imperial Roman army. See also: Legio VI Hispana. A stamp of the Ninth legion from the fortress at Caerleon in Wales. The last definite attestation of the Ninth: a stone inscription at York dated , on display in the Yorkshire Museum. Ancient Rome portal War portal.


The Fate of the Ninth. The curious disappearance of one of Rome's legions. London: Batsford. London: British School at Rome. Breeze, D. Hadrian's Wall 4th ed. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books.

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BBC History Magazine : 40— A History of Roman Britain Third, extensively revised ed. Doc Savage: The Forgotten Realm 1st ed. So starts an adventure that will take Corbulo to the remotest parts of Caledonia and plunge him into the low intensity conflict that is raging between the scattered Caledonian war bands and the Roman forts and garrisons of Agricola's occupying army.

Corbulo will need all his wits, courage and experience to fend off hostile and proud Barbarian warriors, a gang of murderous mercenaries and the lure of a dazzling prize. Britannia Book 3 of the Veteran of Rome Series.