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How the murder of Christa Worthington brought an entire town under suspicion

The show focuses on Emily's plot to destroy every individual who played a role in her father's imprisonment. Along the way, she discovers various facts about her father's past which change her plans many times.

As the series progresses, Emily brings in other individuals as allies for her plan. As Emily executes the stages of her elaborate plan, she finds remaining emotionally detached to be difficult. She struggles to identify her true motivations and examines how her actions change her sense of identity. As she enlists trusted friends into her schemes, she worries how their involvement will change their lives and how she will proceed after she exacts her revenge on those who wronged her father and her.

In January , ABC ordered the script to pilot. In March , actress Emily VanCamp was cast as the lead character, and shortly afterwards it was released that Ashley Madekwe was cast in the series. Berg and Aaron Harberts had inked a two-year deal with ABC Studios which would have them serve as executive producers on the third season alongside Sunil Nayar.

On May 13, , ABC picked the project up to series. It was announced in spring that a Revenge graphic novel was in the works, published by Marvel Comics. It was released on September 3, and explored the origins of Emily Thorne. Revenge was filmed on Stage 25 at the Manhattan Beach Studios. On April 29, , ABC announced that Revenge would be cancelled after four seasons, with its final episode broadcast on May That's particularly true when that drama is as spellbinding in its satisfyingly gaudy way, as Revenge turns out to be", while awarding particular praise to Van Camp for a "beguiling and entirely chilling study in revenge lust".

Orlando of TV Fanatic writing that " Revenge took things to a whole new level this week", and noting with reference to the set-up of David Clarke that "Victoria seems the only one with a conscience. TV mentioned the series among the top television programs of The Hollywood Reporter reported that it was one of the first series to get a "stamp of approval" from ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee , who called the show "sexy" and "sticky", telling critics in January, "You just want more of it.

The pilot episode scored After a nearly two-month hiatus beginning on February 29, , Revenge returned on April 18, at number one in the Nielsen ratings and won its time slot against every other television network with a first-place finish among Total Viewers, Adults 18—49 and Adults 25— Revenge premiered strongly during its second season, with a 3.

However, as the season went on, due to negative feedback on the storyline, as well as the scheduling of episodes against Golden Globe Awards , NFC Championship Game , and the Grammy Awards , Revenge hit lows of 2.

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The ratings never recovered back to the levels of the fall , and eventually ended the season with a 1. In , Intrada Records released an album, Revenge Original Television Soundtrack , featuring selections from his work for the first two seasons. Angus and Julia Stone's "For You" is also heavily featured throughout the series. In Australia, it debuted on Seven Network on February 13, , [58] with the second season returning on February 4, , [59] the third season returning on February 3, , [60] and the fourth season returning on February 23, In Canada, Revenge airs simultaneously on City.

In the United Kingdom, the series premiered on E4 on May 28, , [68] with season two returning on January 7, , [69] season three returning on January 6, , [70] and season four returning on January 5, In Thailand, the series premiered on Channel 7 on March 28, , [72] with season two returning on July 5, , [73] season three returning on June 29, , [74] and season four returning on August 26, On November 6, , it was announced that a sequel series with the same name was in the works at ABC.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mike Kelley seasons 1—2 Marty C. Perry season 2 Sunil Nayar seasons 2—4 Gretchen J. Berg season 3 Aaron Harberts season 3. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: List of Revenge episodes. Main article: List of Revenge characters.

Allen's last credited appearance as a series regular was the sixth episode of the fourth season.

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  8. She later returned for the final two episodes of the season, but was credited as a guest star. Star Tribune. Retrieved April 2, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved September 6, May 17, Retrieved May 17, TV by the Numbers. Retrieved June 27, Retrieved October 13, Retrieved May 10, November 2, November 3, Chicago Tribune. Archived from the original on January 14, Retrieved December 15, Retrieved March 22, Digital Spy. August 4, July 28, June 30, August 9, The Hollywood Reporter.

    Retrieved April 23, Retrieved May 4, Retrieved May 22, Retrieved May 13, TV Addict. Retrieved September 5, February 18, Retrieved September 2, Retrieved April 29, Retrieved September 8, Retrieved November 16, October 20, Retrieved January 13, Rolling Stone. January 19, Retrieved May 14, April 19, When Chris was born, he was born with epilepsy.

    A Killing on the Cape - ABC News

    MR: Roy says Chris needed a lot of medical attention when he was young because he would suffer from seizures. They suspected that he had probably fallen off the bed or something when he was an infant. RM: My mom has a huge house and he always had his own room and so she always… She has a garden, she always sold garden vegetables and things, so food-wise, he always had plenty of that and he always had clothes and things. So my mom, she pretty much raised him. MR: Roy says Chris outgrew his seizures by the time he was about years-old.

    As a boy, Roy says Chris was a big child and that he excelled in sports, particularly football, but as he went on in school, he started to fall behind. Something Roy thinks was the result of the medication he was taking for his seizures.

    2008 CHS Winter Concert - ABC - Cape Cod Shanty

    RM: By the time he got to 3rd or 4th grade, he started having some difficulties. He wanted a disruption. Chris had also started getting into some trouble by the time he was a teenager. Roy says Chris got into trouble for stealing checks from his grandmother and, one time, for staying out all night. RM: Chris was Every bit of it, juvenile trouble. MR: Chris would come to live with his father in Florida, but the trouble would follow, including a conviction for grand theft that landed Chris behind bars for about a year and a half between and His father seems to chalk it up to him being in the wrong place at the wrong time, however.

    So he stops by and pick Chris up and Chris is riding on the moped, but by Chris being years-old, and the kid being 16, Chris got charged because he was the adult.

    ABC’s ’20/20′ Plans Two-Hour Program on Christa Worthington’s 2002 Murder

    He left Florida in and moved to Cape Cod. Roy says Chris moved there to be closer to an ex-girlfriend of his, Pamela McGuire. Christ and Pamela met in Florida and had a daughter together. Roy says, not long after he got out of jail, Chris decided to follow her up there. But he found a job with the sanitation company. That was excellent, that was ideal. They gave him a truck and so he was able to function. MS: I lived on the Cape for two and a half years year round and for about 10 years coming down for summers.

    I was put with somebody to train me on some of the roads and it was Chris McCowen who was my trainer. What the company does is they have scheduled routes for summer homes. The homeowner will set up an account to have trash pickup however many times a week that they deem necessary for their renters, and we go around and pick up their trash during the winter months. Basically, we did the same job, but it was not as busy of a schedule.

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    MR: Matt says, for two full years, he lived in an adjacent cottage to Chris that was owned by the owner of Cape Cod Disposal. MS: Chris and I were very close. We hung out all day at work, all day after work; we became very close. MS: His appearance was outside the norm for our Cape year-round residents.

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    7. That would be what Chris looked like. Chris was a very fun guy to work with. His stature was not descriptive of who he was. He was always the prankster or jokester.

      Cape Cod Beer Growler Dog Toy

      He had a lot of respect from all the employees and our boss, who was a pretty well liked member of the community. Don Horton: Good morning, my name is Don Horton. He hired Chris and gave him a place to stay. I put him to work on a route with somebody else for about a week or so, so that he could learn the routes that he was going to be doing that summer, and it worked out very well.

      Chris was a willing person. Chris was very willing to do whatever I asked him to do.