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Madrid, Fe, Saleeby, N. Zamboanga, Min- danao Herald Press, Sampaloc, Compendio del Arte dc la Lengua Tagala. Yn "Chronicas de la Apostolica Provincia de S. Francisco en las Islas Philipinas, China, Japan, etc.

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San Buenaventura, Pedro de: Vocabvlar de lengva Tagala. El romance Castellano pvesto Primero. Primera y Segunda Parte. Ano de Sancianco y Goson, Gregorio: Dialectos de Filipinas.

Yn "El Progreso de Filipinas, Estudios economicos, administrativos y poli- ticos. San Jose, Francisco de: Arte y reglas de la lengva tagala. Arte y reglas de la lengua tagala. Dayot, Santa Ines, Francisco de: Letras, lenguas y otras costumbres de los antiguos filipinos. Santos, Domingo de: Vocabulario de la lengua Tagala. Primera y Segvnda Parte. En la primera se pone primero el castellano, y despues el tagalo. Y en la segunda al con- trario, que son las raizes simples con sus acentos. Con las licencias necessarias.

Vocabulario de la lengua Tagala Primera y Segunda Parte. En la primera, se pone primero el Castellano, y despues el Tagalo. Y en la segunda al contrario, que son las raices simples con sus acentos. Santos, Lope K. Manila, "Cultura Filipina," The books in the public documents division are being temporarily shifted in order that a concrete floor may be laid in that division. Anay, or white ants, the most feared pest in a tropical library, have announced their unwelcome presence by the destruction of several depository volumes of the United States Government.

Fortunately, these can be replaced. The new floor will reduce further destruction, but safety and ease of mind can only be reached by the installation of iron book ranges. This improve- ment it is hoped to accomplish next year. The connection between the University of the Philippines and Library is daily growing closer.

The Library makes it possible for the former institution to dispense with a large library, and this means a saving of space and administrative energy. The students in all departments are learning how to make an intelligent tool of the library. This is especially noticeable in the Filipiniana division, though other divisions are con- tributing heavily to the student's mental equipment. Four young men, three of whom are students in the University of the Philippines and one in the public schools, are now employed during their spare time.

Their work is intelligent, and they form a flexible body that can be shifted from one job to another without any disorganization in the regular force. New iron ranges will soon be installed in the reading and reference rooms. These are of the same style as those already installed in various parts of the Library, namely the Snead type. This will be the third division equipped with iron shelving. The other divisions with such equip- ment are the circulating and the Filipiniana.


Burton Harrison 28 Reading List on Mexico. Compiled by Miss Bessie A. Dwyer Recent Accessions 29 35 List of works in the Filipiniana Division relating to the study of the linguistics of the philippine islands— part VII. A fee of Ave pesos per annum or fifty centavos per month is charged for the privilege of drawing books from the Circulating Division American Circulating Library. If sufficient notice be given before the hour for closing the two latter divisions, books will be reserved for readers at the charging desk of the Circulat- ing Division American Circulating Library.

The following brief notes from The American Library Annual, New York, office of the Publisher's Weekly, , will serve to give some idea of the annual book production of some of the countries of the world : Country. Holland Denmark. Publications in Japan are classified under 33 categories. In , the class, politics, led with 8, publications.

2017 journal - Rio Texas Conference

Industry, agri- culture, and commerce followed with 4,; literature including Japanese and Chinese poetry, and books on travel , 2,; religion, 2,; cal- ligraphy, drawings, and paintings, 2, Several classes are repre- sented by over 1, titles each, while fiction shows a decrease over former years, with but titles. The figures for Germany include also German books published in Austria and Switzerland. The trend in may be seen by the following figures: education, instruction, books for children, 5,; fiction, 4,; science of law and politics, 3,; theology, 2,; philology, linguistics, science of literature, 2,; commerce and technology including traffic , 2,; medicine, 2,; natural sciences and mathematics, 1,; geog- raphy and maps, 1,; history, 1,; domestic economy, agriculture, and sylviculture, 1,; architecture and civil engineering 1,; art, 1,; philosophy including theosophy , ; directories and almanacs, ; military science, ; general bibliography, etc.

Of the total number only 1, were entered for copyright in the United States. In France the largest class of books published in was that of literature and fine arts, 2, titles. History and geography have 1, titles; fiction, 1,; education, 1,; medicine and hygiene, 1,; reli- gion and theology, ; and thence by gradually decreasing figures to the lowest class, domestic science, The resume for France notes that only 55 books in "Aviation" were published in , as against 67 in Passing by other countries, the relative positions of the United States and Great Britain for by numbers will be seen in the following con- densed tables.

The methods of classification agree along main lines, so that a rough comparison may be readily made. United States, Great Britain. Philosophy W Sociology and economics Law Education In fiction, particularly, the year compared unfavorably with , though it should be remembered that the latter year was noteworthy for its fiction. This is "a direct result of the cheap-book movement in Great Britain. The apparent falling off of history is due the fact that much history is presented in the form of biography.

At- tention is called to the fact that the woman writers outnumber those of the opposite sex.

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Bennett, Merrick, and Chesterton, among British authors, and Audox, among French, are mentioned for the excellence of their productions. Copies of this bibliography, which is invaluable for the study of the Retana, W.

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Madrid, Imprenta de la Sucesora de M. Small quarto. The library has also copies of the following books which will be sold at the prices indicated: Evans, P. Greenough, J. Boston, Storer, Eliot: Qualitative chem- ical analysis. Wentworth, G. Roca de Togores, Jose: Estudio sobre la urbanizacion de Manila. Manila, A. Rodriguez Trujillo, Jose: Memo- ria sobre la marina en Filipinas. Antigua organizacion de la armada en estas Islas y principales modifi- caciones que ha sufrido hasta llegar al estado que hoy se encuentra, con noticias estadisticas referentes a sus diversos ramos.

Escrita con arre- glo al programa para la Exposicion de Filipinas. Manila, Paris, Roxas, Manuel E. Mariano Sevilla [Manila], Germania, Roxas y Fernandez, Felix M. Prece- didos del R. Con notas del autor.

Y de un apen- dice que contiene el reglamento de ganados de , varios formularios '. Manila, "Amigos del Pais," Saderra Maso, M. Ma- labon, Asilo de Huerfanos, Sanchez y Sanchez, Domingo : Me- i moria sobre un insecto de los ca- fetos. Sanger, G. Santayana, Agustin: La Isla de Mindanao. Madrid, Al- hambra, Sastron, Manuel: Filipinas.

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Pe- quenos estudios. Batangas y su provincia. Malabong, La insurreccion en Filipinas y guerra Hispano-Americana en el Archipielago. Madrid, Sucesora de M. Scheidnagel, Manuel: El Archi- pielago de Legaspi. Estudios acer- ca de nuestro imperio oceanico.


Las colonias espanolas de j Asia. Islas Filipinas. Pacheco y Pinto, Manila, Bu- reau of Printing, Some recipes for preparing jel- lies, preserves, pickles, and candies from Philippine fruit.