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Do you and your dog work better in quieter environments with fewer distractions and more individualized attention?

Do any of these behaviors look familiar?

Is your dog a bit shy and reserved? This class works with you and your dog to build your dog's confidence. Does your dog need some manners, especially around other dogs or in some cases people? Have you heard about clicker training? Sign up for this fun and easy way to train your dog. Basic agility is a fun class where active dogs can burn off some of that energy and build confidence at the same time!

Has your pup already completed our Basic Obedience class and you want to learn more? Does your dog get stressed out when you go to the vet? Check out this new class! A " no - kill " shelter is an animal shelter that does not kill healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full, reserving euthanasia for terminally ill animals or those considered dangerous to public safety. Monday: Closed Tuesday: am to pm Wednesday am to pm Thursday am to pm Friday am to pm Saturday am to pm Sunday am to pm.

#1: Keep Sessions Short

Skip to main content. Good Dog can help owners identify that the issues their geriatric dogs are having are age related organic and not behavior related. Her research is sound and her methods consistent with the scientific data on how dogs learn. This is an important historical context given the resurgence of these techniques. I only have two minor criticisms of this book.

After the chapter detailing the military history of dog training and traditional methods, I would have preferred that those comparisons had been edited out of later chapters.

Five Basic Obedience Commands Your Dog Should Learn

Secondly, in this age of YouTube and iPods, the inclusion of photographs or illustrations might have made the text more usable for some readers. For each problem scenario, Dahl explains the reasons for such behavior, and then gives simply phrased instructions on how to resolve it and alter the dog's behavior for future scenarios. Her methods are humane unlike Cesar Millan, she's approved by the SPCA and simple, perfect for the hobbyist dog owner.

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14 Obedience Training Lessons For Dogs of Every Size, Breed and Age (Videos)

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