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Serita Jakes, wife of bestselling author and pastor, Bishop T. Jakes, has known her share of heartache. Her brother was murdered; she was the victim of emotional and physical abuse by a boyfriend; her beloved mother died unexpectedly of a cruel disease; and she was crippled in a car accident. Yet it is because of those trials that she is able to minister so effectively to women all over the world.

Jake’s story

After all, she has walked more than a mile in their shoes. The daughter of a coal miner, Serita grew up knowing first-hand what it felt like to be an outsider.

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When she went to college she was lonely; and to fit in with the city kids, she began experimenting with sex, marijuana, and alcohol. Her whole world came to a screeching halt when her oldest brother was shot to death at a local hangout in front of his daughters.

Jake Sisko

Reeling, she found herself in a relationship with a violent man who abused her both mentally and physically. He put a gun to her head and then walked away. Coming face to face with death, she knew that something had to change. As a favor to her mother, she went to church one day. When they learn that the wine is included, they drink several bottles.

Jake wakes up early, dresses, and goes outside. He digs for worms down beside the stream and collects two tobacco tins full.

Found by accident - Jakes Spoon

When Jake goes back inside, Bill begins to joke about irony and pity. He encourages Jake to say only things that are ironic or pitiful. He teases that expatriates are drunks who are obsessed with sex and who write nothing worth publishing. Bill says that some people think women support Jake while others think that he is impotent. Jake replies that he is not impotent, that he had an accident. They trade jokes about another man who suffered an accident with similar consequences on horseback, although the story in America is that it was a bicycle accident.

Bill declares that he is fonder of Jake than anyone on earth. Bill and Jake pack a lunch and bottles of wine, and head to the river. They walk through beautiful meadows, fields, and woods, and, after a long hike, arrive at the river.

Bontrager WaveCel Helmets - Jake's Bikes | Alexandria, MN

They place the wine in a spring up the road in order to chill it. Jake fishes with worms, but Bill tries fly-fishing. Over their lunch, they joke about the friends they met in the war.

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They spend five days in Burguete, fishing, eating, drinking, and playing cards. They get no word from Cohn, Brett, or Mike. The aimless, cynical decadence that characterizes their other activities is curiously absent during the trip. They drink, but not excessively as they do in Paris.

Jake slipped and hit his head

They seem content simply to fish, swim, and relax, and they are able to appreciate the beauty of the scenery around them something Bill is unable to do on his trip to Vienna. Hemingway was an avid fisher and hunter for his entire life, and his faith in the therapeutic value of nature is evident in his description of this trip.

Jake and Bill drop their shallow facades and engage in real male bonding, enjoying an easy camaraderie far removed from the petty backbiting they engage in elsewhere in the novel. Although they silently compete over who can catch more and better fish, the competition is amicable. Moreover, Bill and Jake are more open with one another.

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Their interactions are full of humor, direct talk, empathy, and mutual respect. Symbolic of the spiritual rest that this trip affords the men is the ease with which Jake is able to discuss his wound with Bill.