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No more waiting for days and days until your letter reaches your loved one. This innovative app is the creation of Sam Meek and Maj. Ray L. Smith, Founders of Sandboxx. They saw a need for a more effective method to facilitate military service member communications. Their vision for friends and family to send letters and pictures to those in boot camp or deployed was brought to life with Sandboxx. Honestly, I wish I had such an app when my son was in basic training so many years ago!

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Being able to expedite the process of getting a letter sent with Sandboxx makes it that much easier! Instead of waiting nearly 2 weeks, your service member can have that letter in a day or two! I sent my son plenty of letters when he was in Army basic training. It was a process every time. I would have to print a photo at the store, write the letter, go to the post office to make sure I had the right amount of postage, and then mail it! The Sandboxx app streamlines the whole process.

You can be anywhere, take a fun photo, and with a few taps, have your letter written and on its way within a few minutes.

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Your letters will mean so much to your service member! My son used to keep encouraging letters from home close-by for when he went through those tough challenges. When your child is going through the toughest challenge ever, you want to be there for them. Letters help you do that and Sandboxx military app gets them to your loved one fast!

Obtaining your Marine's mailing address

It gave him great comfort hearing about family and friends and seeing pictures of his kids. They knew me well at the post office as I was there several times a week. And, I went through tons of printer paper printing out photos. Thank you for your support. Goodbye for now.

They are allowed to say this and nothing more, to provide you with the peace of mind that your son or daughter has arrived safely and their training has started. DO NOT decorate the letters, spray them with perfume, or send large care packages or unnecessary items. The Crucible is a test which every recruit must pass to become a Marine. It takes place over 54 hours and tests every recruit physically, mentally and morally. The Crucible includes food and sleep deprivation, long marches, combat assault courses, leadership reaction courses, and team building situations.

Recruits must work together to solve programs and overcome obstacles along the way.

Where mustaches, glitter & great teachers collide!

It is considered a right of passage that recruits never forget. Family day begins with a MOTO run motivational run where the recruits complete a 4-mile run that passes by all four training battalions. While passing the battalions, selected recruits ring each Battalion Bell as the rest of the company runs to a cadence of their Drill Instructors. Parents and family members line the streets eager to find their Recruit running by. After the run, recruits are provided with an on-base liberty day, so they can show their families around, share their experiences and introduce them to fellow recruits and Drill Instructors.

Family and friends are strongly encouraged to attend graduation and watch their recruit become publicly recognized as United States Marine. Thanks again for sweet comment. It's encouraging to hear you say that you think I'm strong because there are days when I feel the total opposite of strong! It goes by fast!

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I was with my hubby as well when he went to bootcamp. It is perfect! It is full of Craft ideas and Artistic ideas which I adore! This story was so lovely but slightly emotional as your husband has a great way of helping in the Marines. I admire that alot. Your baby girl is adorable too! I can't wait to hear more from you.

Reference Letters & Personal Statement Workshop | DAT Bootcamp

Ruby x. First time visitor to this blog. I'm seventeen, and my best friend leaves for Navy Boot Camp in two days.

It's gonna be tough, but I know that "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. Our relationship is already long-distance, so in a way, we've experienced a little of what it will be like in the Military… preparation, I guess. But we do communicate every day… the first few weeks will especially hard, I know.

Letters from Boot Camp

Thankfully, though, Basic is only eight weeks in the Navy. I plan to keep busy. Like, really busy. And praying, like, every other minute. Your recruit can go to websites like Dayspring. Note: This is for Navy Boot Camp; they may have different videos for other branches. If not being able to send packages is hard, collect things throughout the duration of Boot Camp to include in a package to send after it's over. Not sure about the other branches, but the Navy has a thick manual they give to recruits— "The Bluejacket's Manual. Seriously, if you have not read this book, you need to.

It is eye-opening. Thank you so much for this!! This made me feel like I wasn't crazy for writing a letter sometimes 2!

Also thank you for the heads up about spraying them. Lol that could've been bad. So, communication can be really hard but reading your blogs have been really inspiring! As his wife and his best friend, I don't want to see him live life with regrets, of course he wouldn't show it but I know him too well haha. I guess after reading a few pieces from your blog, it's helping me somewhat prepare for what I'm about to deal with, and more importantly how I'd overcome these emotional roller coasters without him.

I just want to say thank you for outlining the reality of it all in such a realistic and optimistic tune.. Just wanted to say thank you so much for this post and your blog, my boyfriend and future husband recently decided to go into the marines, so I am still trying to accept it all. I am so proud of him and I know this will make him happy, but its still hard being positive knowing all that is to come. I also love the fact you added that it was hard for you when he was away because he took his heart with you… exactly as you said, I'm not clingy, its just we do everything together… so it is going to be weird for him not be there.

I just really appreciate your honesty, and it has helped me more than you know.