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NATO continued to become an increasingly offensive alliance with an ever-expanding out-of-area orientation. Indeed, as transformative as the Bosnia and Kosovo interventions were, they at least occurred in Europe, albeit outside the formal boundaries of the Alliance. Washington also made it clear to Moscow that any military aggression against Yugoslavia would be considered a serious threat to the transatlantic community, even though the country was not a NATO member.

That point became evident following the September 11, , terrorist attacks on the United States when NATO members invoked Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which proclaims that an attack on one member will be considered an attack on all. Thereafter, Germany and other Alliance members sent forces to assist the U. Indeed, as the Afghanistan operation confirmed, the focus increasingly was on problems outside those two regions.

It became evident again in , when the United States backed its European allies, especially Britain and France, to launch military attacks against Libya.

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NATO Divided, NATO United : The Evolution of an Alliance

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