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Results for - vending. All the latest offers delivered right to your inbox! Technology-enabled tools for delivering financial and digital literacy via mobile phone. Sede Central Defensor del Pueblo.

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UN House Assistant — must be eligible to work in Belgium. ITB National Consultants to provide substantive support on environmental health for revision of the Environmental Law A Supply and Delivery of 12 Nos.

Graphic designer for knowledge products related to non-communicable diseases, tobacco control and development. Project support on non-communicable diseases, tobacco control and development. RFQ supply of professional portfolio for the production of cheese and dairy in Al Hamra and Sinjar. National Consultant - Social and Environmental Safeguards. RFQ : L'Acquisition de climatiseurs pour les palais municipaux. RFQ : L'Acquisition de mobiliers pour les palais municipaux. Water resources assessments flood risk mapping of two rivers and surrounding areas in Kyaikmaraw township.

Consultancy on Solar Home System guideline development for Cambodia. Coordinate N Campagne de sensibilisation. Acquisition des fourniture de bureau dans le cadre d'un LTA. T - 02 national consultants for supporting the Government Inspectorate to conduct a study and develop guidelines on the Anti-Corruption Law for non-state enterprises and social organizations.

RFQ RFQ for the supply of conservation agriculture seeder. Energy Systems Technical Expert National Consultant to provide technical assistance in the area identification and Renewable Energy resource assessment in selected municipalities of Northern Iloilo. Procurement of Palm Crane for the use of the Ministry of Agriculture.

National consultancy firm for the development of a mobile app for an integrated dengue early warning system driven by Earth observations in Vietnam. Conducting greenhouse gases forecasting in key sectors and impact assessment of climate change mitigation policies and measures. Procurement of Automatic Weather Stations Sensors. Solicitud de Propuesta No. Rehabilitation of the Metal center within the vocational training complex Maysalon — Aleppo in two Lots civil engineering works Lot1 and electrical works Lot2. Procurement of tools and other items for Empresa Electrica Quito.

Procurement of reagents for screening newborns for phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyroidism, cystic fibrosis and adrenogenital syndrome 7 lots Ref. Procurement of medicines for people with arterial hypertension, for children with autism and infertility. Invitation to Bid for supply and Delivery of Tools and Equipment. Call for Proposal to support and strengthen capacity of CSOs to effectively advocate and lobby for change in laws and policies that are discriminatory against women.

Individual Consultancy - International Urban Analysis Assistant Consultant to assist in the development of neighborhood profiles. Consultancy services to conduct entrepreneurship and business management training for briquette making groups in four districts. Technical Writer for Financial Inclusion Publications. Climate change adaptation mainstreaming and local development - Blended finance specialist.

Consultant for Assessment on entrepreneurship training packages in the context of digital economy. International Consultant to provide technical support to the Ministry of Justice to mainstream Gender Considerations. International environmental expert for drafting the State of the Environment Report for Cambodia. T - A national consultant on Climate Smart Agriculture. ETHNational Consultant to support development of a full-fledged programme document for innovation for development.

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RFQ Improvement works at the cemetery in the Kyrenia area. RFQ Improvement works at the cemetery in the Paphos area. Supply and Installation of Multi-function Printer. Supply, Delivery and installation of Office Furniture. Partnerships consultant to support Country Office, donor coordination, Government Financing. Partnerships consultant to support Partnership, Private and Communications. Call for proposals - Women Enterprises Innovation Programme.

Recrutement de deux Consultant e s Nationaux pour une revue de la prise en compte du genre dans le portefeuille du Bureau Pays. RFQ - Achat de machines pour la production du papier Biodegradable. RFQ - Achat de machines Biodigesteur et accessoires. Development of a job-placement and recruitment web-platform for National Employment Agency.

Greenhouse-type solar dryer dome, 8 x 20 m, capacity of kg of different products ranging from vegetables, fruits, fish, etc , using force convection. Expert on Social Protection and Inter-generational Equity. Procurement of anti-tuberculosis medicines and medical products for diagnostics of tuberculosis Ref. ETH Recruitment of National Consultant to conduct a damage and loss data entry to update national level Dislnventar to facility Sendai framework monitor.

Team Leader -Establishment of an information system on environmental management in Djibouti. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop for Recycling Business.

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