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Revelation for Dummies

Great book!! Revealing the End of the Biblical Story. The Prequels Prophecies throughout the Bible. Taking a Grand Tour. Sounding Seven Trumpets Coming of the Kingdom Seeing the New Jerusalem. Ten Common Questions about the End Times.

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Ten Tips for Interpreting Scripture and Prophecy. Reading the Seven Letters to Conflicted Churches Peeking into the Throne Room Strength: The observation that the book was intended for a first-century audience.

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This view has few adherents today. Strength: The conviction that God controls the course of history. Weakness: Revelation then has little relevance for its original audience; also, historicists have wildly divergent views concerning the particulars. Strength: The recognition that the book clearly communicates enduring ideals. Glances at earlier stages of redemptive history as in Rev.

Strength: Incorporates the insights of the other views without sacrificing the essential point of their position: namely, that the book prophesies a literal return of Jesus and a new creation. Weakness: The weakness of the futuristic view is that it interprets — just like preterists and historicists, that is, as referring to the first century.

Then it declares that at , or at least by , the sixth seal, everything else is about the final period of earth history before Christ returns. And, this truth has never been more relevant than it is today.

Author W. Jim Britt, DMin, PhD - Christian Publisher Xulon Press

We could very well be the Rapture Generation! Revelation for Dummies is the result of over 15 years of careful study and research, and is written in simple, easy to understand language that even the most untutored in apocalyptic studies can understand. When you finish reading this book, you will not be an expert in the field of eschatology study of the end times.

You will, however, have a Biblical, no nonsense, understanding of one of the most mysterious and fascinating books in the Bible.

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