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I implore you to use these worksheets! For it is here where my assorted suggestions come to life and become your own. Guerrilla techniques in action It was using these same guerrilla tactics — while capturing my thoughts and goals on paper — that led me to start playing music when I was I continue to play music part-time to this day. What I did have was a good concept and a knack for writing. That newspaper, called Spotlight, grew and flourished for 10 years until I stopped doing it in I put the paper to rest so I could concentrate on writing and publishing resources like this one.

In , a company published my first book, Ways to Make Money in the Music Business now out of print.

I realized then that being an author would be a big part of my future. Later that year I founded the St. Louis Regional Music Showcase, an annual music conference that ran for five years in the Midwest. In , I self-published the first version of the book you hold in your hands. Evolving over the years In the mid to late s, after years of writing music success columns in the print world, I established an online presence for indie music marketing tips at TheBuzzFactor.

At last count, my e-zine, also called The Buzz Factor, was approaching 10, subscribers. The only thing was, it seemed so many people around me felt as if they were victims of circumstance; that life handed them their fate and they were just along for the ride. After reading many inspiring books and pondering about life for a while, I came to the conclusion that our lives are simply a reflection of our accumulated thoughts and actions.

2. Promote Your Music and Sell it on Your Website

The secret to musical success The problem with people living dead-end lives is that they think dead-end thoughts. People who enjoy successful lives think successful thoughts — and then reinforce those thoughts with positive action. And the actions followed quite naturally. And they keep growing every year. Bottom line: Thoughts are things. What starts as an intangible concept grows into a reality as a result of mental focus combined with real-life activity.

In fact, this is exactly how all songs are created. So I ask you: What thoughts do you have about your present and future as an independent musician? And what actions are materializing as a result? The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook will help you sort out the answers, open your mind to the infinite possibilities around you, and motivate you to take the steps necessary to climb higher up the ladder of success with your music. How to use this book Many of the chapters in this manual were originally written as separate special reports.

These chapters give you a good foundation for the information contained throughout the rest of the book. Other than that, feel free to examine the sections and chapters that relate to whatever marketing or music career topic you want to focus on at the time. I sincerely hope you soak up the tips revealed in these pages and put them to good use. I look forward to one day hearing about your far-reaching musical achievements. Much success to you.

Now get out there and promote yourself! You have at least some grasp of what is it.

You recognize it when you see it most of the time. But at its most basic level, can you explain what it is? And more importantly, can you spell out the basic elements of effective music marketing? You need to understand the underlying principles at work here. But mindless music marketing — without focus and purpose — usually leads to frustration and continued obscurity. The three stages of marketing.

Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans: The Nuts & Bolts – Pt. 1

In a nutshell. Seems simple enough, right? Then why do so many music promoters get it wrong? They spend time on one or two of these stages but ignore the second or third. Want some examples?

Your 12 Step Music Marketing Planning Cycle

In Stores Now! Well, with this ad, the band is creating awareness, and it is asking for the sale. But it leaves out an entire, all-important stage: developing relationships with fans. This error would be especially unforgivable if this was the only marketing method the band was using. In addition, they need to feel a connection to the music and the artist. This ad does nothing to facilitate the relationship. And that means wasted money spent on advertising. Another example: Have you ever known or been in a wonderful band that does a good job of creating awareness and a great job of connecting with fans — perhaps through their live shows?

But then they drop the ball when it comes to asking for the sale and generating cash flow. Obviously, exposure is your main goal here. But before fans, the media and other people in the music business can help you, they need to be aware of you.

Guerrilla music marketing handbook bob baker

They need to be familiar with your name and the type of sound you create. Once those issues have been addressed, you take action to communicate your musical identity and the benefits you offer to a specific target audience. And they do so at their own peril. So stop thinking about marketing as a way to catapult your message to an enormous, faceless crowd from a distance. Guerrilla music marketing is personal. And even when you do direct a message to a sizeable audience, that audience is targeted and predisposed to like you.

And, when communicating to crowds, your tone should be warm and personal. So, how do you start and maintain personal relationships with a growing number of fans and music business contacts? Your job is not only to make people aware of you.

see url Your job is to notice the people who connect with you the most or who can potentially help you the most and cement the bond between you. Well, sometimes they simply forget to ask.

How To Plan an EP! - DIY Music Marketing

My advice: Get over it! Want to know the biggest reason musicians avoid this essential stage? Most consumers who spend money on music feel that it enriches their lives and have no problem parting with a small amount of cash to take home new music or download it to their computers. So get it into your head that your music is worth paying for. Selling your music is not the evil deed many musicians make it out to be. Engrave them in your brain. Doing so will make a world of difference in your pursuit of indie music success. I always run into brick walls and end up bitter and frustrated.

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No, I just like to let things happen and let nature take its course. How else can you explain the slew of cynical, aimless musicians who populate most music scenes?