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Once installed, it sends the sensitive information to a server in Russia that appears to have been in operation since March 16, Sana said.

The software has two components: a Trojan horse application that communicates with the Russian server, and rootkit software that cloaks the malicious software from system tools and antivirus programs. Sana has observed the software being downloaded in conjunction with the Win Alcra worm.

As of late Monday, rootkit. The Trojan horse software spends most of its time lurking in the background, but it springs to life to communicate with the Russian server whenever a user hits a Web site that requires authentication. The software can read password information as it is typed or even when it is automatically stored and submitted by features like Internet Explorer's AutoComplete. As of Tuesday, the Russian server had stored about 35, unique usernames and log-ins that could be used on about 7, different Web sites, including banking, auction and social networking sites, Gorelik said.

Sana informed the Russian Internet service provider for the site in question on Monday, Gorelik said. A nation based on tourism, seafaring and agriculture cannot cement its terms of trade to an industrial nation.

Trojan Hearse by Richard S. Prather

Sorry, Mr. It cannot be done—not honestly. And this austerity is not temporary; it will remain for the entire century. But the problem with these privatizations is that, when you sell a water company, you still need to drink water. The only difference is that, after privatization, the price of water goes up and a few insiders and their foreign partners pocket windfalls.

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When the truth came out, Greek debt holders realized they had been cheated. The compounding of this interest premium brought the nation to its knees. In other words, the crimes committed to join and stay in the euro, not Greek profligacy, caused the crisis. Powerless over its own money supply and exchange rate, Greece fell to its knees, begging Germany for mercy.

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Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. The problem is, austerity is merely a symptom of an illness. And the disease is the euro itself.

THE HEPBURNS: There’s no such thing as the Hepburns

Ask yourself, was the troika right? There is a saying in America: Fool me once, shame on you.

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Fool me twice, shame on me. Austerity: Religion, Not Economics The euro is simply the deutschmark with little stars on it. For direct orders PayPal is preferred [paypal ID: wrappers-books mchsi.

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The Trojan Hearse

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